We are Teroxx

Who we are

Teroxx is more than just an international company – we are pioneers in our industry. As one of the world’s first fully licensed companies for trading digital assets and currencies, we have been setting new standards since 2018.

Our Ambition

To offer you the best.
That’s why we provide you with our own user-friendly and innovative Teroxx App. With your needs in mind, we work closely with regulators to make trading digital assets internationally secure and reliable.

At Teroxx, we are not only investing in the future of blockchain technology, but actively shaping it. We are proud to offer you a diverse range of high-quality services and products. Discover innovative solutions from a single source with Teroxx!Our user-friendly and innovative products and services enable you to easily and successfully enter the world of digital assets. Many of these services can be accessed directly through our Teroxx App.

With international licenses and locations in Lithuania and Cyprus, among others, Teroxx develops its products and applications in two of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world. Teroxx offers international customers comprehensive and competent advice. On top, Teroxx offers optimal solutions for professional and semi-professional clients with our fully regulated fund and related services.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide people with information and easy access to digital asset trading. This enables them to profit safely and successfully from this market. With our expertise and innovative strength, we create intelligent and simple products and services. As a reliable partner, we offer our exclusive customers the right solution for trading with digital assets. We share our experience and knowledge to contribute to the successful growth of the market. We welcome you to Teroxx!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with easily accessible, high quality and beneficial services and information in the field of digital assets. At Teroxx, user-friendliness and security are our top priorities. Regardless of whether a user is experienced or just taking their first steps, we want to enable everyone to use digital assets safely, easily and profitably. Our motto is “Keep it simple and smart”.

Leadership Team

Christoph Pliessnig - CEO & Co-Founder

Christoph Pliessnig, passionate entrepreneur and co-founder of Teroxx, started his career in the insurance industry. There he quickly realized that comprehensive and easy-to-understand advice is the key to customer-specific solutions that really convince.

He shifted his focus to the Digital Assets market, where his in-depth knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts quickly garnered him attention. The increasing demand for his expertise led to the founding of Teroxx Group.

Since 2018, Christoph has been leading Teroxx as CEO together with Thomas Jöbstl and is responsible for business development and eight international locations with over 60 employees across Europe.


Thomas Jöbstl - CEO & Co-Founder

Thomas Jöbstl, co-founder of the Teroxx Group, grew up in a family business. Influenced by everyday entrepreneurial life, he started his career in the real estate industry.

Here he successfully realized numerous international luxury projects and investments in high-end real estate. After learning about the digital assets market through Christoph, he invested in cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2015. This laid the foundation for his partnership with Christoph and the founding of Teroxx.

As CEO alongside Christoph, Thomas focuses on legal compliance, licensing and regulatory affairs. He ensures that Teroxx is compliant with legal regulations and that partners and customers can successfully participate in the Digital Asset market.


Jannick Bröring

Head of Physical Trading

Lars Truhn


Martin Rieß


Jakob Lundqvist


Siegfried Wengler

Shareholder & Sales-Director / CEO Teroxx Investment AG

Our Locations

Due to our distributed locations, we are able to offer the highest level of customer care and advice, regardless of your location. We are proud to be an international company that operates worldwide and brings our knowledge and expertise to the crypto industry.


Head Office

Teroxx Global Group Ltd.
Nicolaides Sea View City
Kalograion 4, 4th Floor, Office D1
6016 Larnaca, Cyprus

Register number: HE 454800


Teroxx Global Group Ltd.
Nicolaides Sea View City
Kalograion 4, 4th Floor/ Office D1
6016 Larnaca, Cyprus

Office Berlin
Kochhannstraße 6
10249 Berlin, Deutschland

Office Grünwald
Nördliche Münchner Straße 9c
82031 Grünwald, Deutschland

Office Stuttgart
Schüttelgrabenring 25
71332 Waiblingen, Deutschland

Teroxx Worldwide UAB
Eisiskiu Sodu 18-oji st. 11
Vilnius, Lithuania

Office Linz
Wiener Bundesstraße 181
4050 Traun, Österreich

Licenses & Permits

Keeping an eye on regulatory progress in this area is very important to us. With Teroxx, we already have various trade licenses and approvals worldwide. Our goal is to successively expand and adapt them to legal requirements. In this way, we want to provide security and transparency for all our customers.

Partners & Crypto Exchanges

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