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  • Keep your Digital Assets (tokens) safe and secure on your smartphone
  • Save time, with our user-friendly and unmatched fast Digital Asset App

Track exchange rates

  • Always keep an eye on the latest price developments of the top 100 cryptocurrencies with our tracking function
  • Put the rates of your personal favorites directly on your homescreen and always stay up to date

Send and receive

  • You can send and receive Digital Assets (tokens) with just a few clicks
  • Your transactions are executed instantly in real time and at minimal fees

Receive Abloxx-Bonus

  • As an Abloxx-holder, enjoy your daily bonus in our Teroxx App
  • With the Abloxx utility token and the easy use of the Teroxx App, you can easily profit from the Digital Asset market this way
  • Teroxx allocates a large part of its profits to the bonus program and shares its success with all Abloxx-Token holders

Exchange Digital Assets

  • With the exchange function, you can conveniently exchange your Digital Assets (tokens) for others directly in the app
  • You don't need an additional wallet or exchanges, saving you time and nerves

Borrowing and lending (from 2024)

  • Do you need a loan? Borrow Digital Assets (tokens) in just a few steps
  • Interested in passive income? Put your Digital Assets to work for you: Generate additional wealth by simply lending your assets to others

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Welcome to Teroxx, your trusted partner in Digital Asset trading. As an international company and pioneer in our industry, we are one of the first licensed Digital Asset trading companies in the world.

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