Teroxx AIF

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Teroxx Alternative Investment Fund

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awarded with the Scope-Award

Alternative Investment Fund

Digital Assets - on the rise

The new, dynamic and forward-looking asset class that offers modern investors and users a wide range of opportunities.

Profit from the new emerging asset class that has revolutionized the financial markets in the last decade. Bitcoin is the most successful asset of the last decade.

With a wide range of uses and applications, there are almost no limits to this industry.

Decentralized financial systems without intermediaries, tokenization of assets to offer them to a wide range of investors, and the development of modern and efficient global supply chains are just some of the digitized applications of this sector.

For these reasons, we are witnessing a steady and significant growth of Digital Assets as a logical consequence of the ongoing digitalization. Benefit from this development with the Teroxx AIF!

Digital Assets - Facts

Steadily increasing user numbers, global adjustments and regulations, and an infinite number of investment opportunities illustrate the rapid growth in recent years.

Digital Assets are very popular with traders and investors for a number of reasons. Due to the often higher volatility (compared to traditional investment products), the market offers experts a multitude of possible entry and exit points for profitable trading.

Successful trading therefore usually requires a significantly lower leverage and thus a lower risk than traditional stock or index trading: with the same percentage profit!

The constantly increasing liquidity (capital inflows) enables growing trading opportunities on the one hand and influences the market development positively on the other hand. Positive regulations, in which the EU with MiCA takes a pioneering role, round off the development.

Teroxx AIF - Performance through innovation

One of the first actively traded funds for institutional investors, offering professional investors the opportunity to benefit from the volatility of Digital Assets through active portfolio management.

With Europe’s first 24/7 actively managed investment product for professional investors, we were able to further expand our pioneering role in a regulated market environment. Both positive and negative market phases could be exploited through appropriate risk management and successful market analyses to achieve demonstrable long-term profits.

The continuous development of trading strategies is the focus of our activities.

Due to the EU regulation and the ongoing evaluation of the fund by independent auditors, we can transparently prove our development at any time. With an investment in the Teroxx AIF, you do not invest directly in individual Digital Assets, but in trading strategies that take maximum advantage of the volatility of the market and always make risk-optimised investment decisions.

In this way, we avoid a large part of the classic investment risks in the market for Digital Assets.

Concentrated Trading Performance

Discover Teroxx’s Alternative Investment Fund, a 24/7 actively managed, fully regulated and risk-optimized investment opportunity. At Teroxx, we emphasize intelligent Digital Asset selection to minimize your risk and optimize your returns.

By continuously monitoring and adjusting our various trading strategies in real time, coupled with adequate capital allocation, we are able to respond to market fluctuations and hedge your investment in the best possible way.

With our unique approach, we were awarded the 2023 Scope Award for Best Fund in Innovation and have established ourselves as a high-yield mutual fund. Invest with confidence and let us put your capital to work efficiently for you.

Teroxx - Investment universe


Listed Digital Assets approx. 27000


Various Digital Assets approx. 550


Low quarterly fluctuation approx. 45


Established in the market approx. 40 digital assets


Optional sub-category, met by all assets with large trading volumes


Selected Digital Assets that have a low risk-reward ratio

The AIF architecture

Teroxx AIF

The Alternative Investment Fund combines all of Teroxx's in-house trading strategies in one product.

The Teroxx Alternative Investment Fund is suitable for institutional investors who want to invest in the volatile market of Digital Assets in a regulated, risk-optimised and sustainable manner.

Active portfolio management and capital preservation are our top priorities when trading digital assets. The volatile fluctuations are optimally exploited by our in-house trading strategies and applied by our experts for profitable trading. Being regulated in Liechtenstein, the fund is EU-regulated and thus one of the first of its kind.

When you invest in the Teroxx AIF as a professional investor, you do not invest your money directly in individual Digital Assets, but in trading strategies. These strategies make optimal use of market fluctuations and enable us to always make risk-optimised investment decisions.

This careful management avoids many of the common investment risks in the digital asset market when investing in our award-winning Teroxx AIF.

Hybrid trading

Hybrid trading combines the accumulation of various Digital Assets (coins and tokens) with a focus on positive dollar performance.

Through appropriate entries and exits, larger and longer-term trends are traded, with the focus on active accumulation in negative market phases and active dollar performance in positive market phases.

This strategy is not suitable for short-term trend reversals, but focuses on overarching market trends. The strengths of this strategy are played out in rising markets after a correction.


Here, the focus is on highly volatile market situations in the Digital Asset space. The automated trading strategy is based on almost 20 years of performance and experience in the futures index market.

This automated trading strategy has been running successfully in the futures index market for over 17 years and has been optimized and adapted by us for Digital Assets. It focuses on highly volatile breakouts of individual assets and thus invests on the pulse as soon as they occur in the market.

Digital Assets usually exhibit above-average volatility, so this strategy can be used in almost any market situation. Counter-movements after sell-offs or breakouts after consolidations are market situations in which this strategy can play to its strengths.

Physical Trading

Physical trading focuses on trading daily developments, movements and market-relevant news.

Discretionary trading of Digital Assets on a daily basis enables short-term and temporary investments that are adjusted and optimized to the respective market situation. This strategy involves trading both long and short to profit from any market situation.

In doing so, current moods and trends on the market are picked up and included in the investment decisions. In market phases with high media attention, both positive and negative, this strategy shows its strength.

Risk Management

We use software specifically tailored to our needs to permanently monitor and control trading in real time. Our risk management starts with the selection of the assets themselves. Of the more than currently 26,000 different Digital Assets, on average only about 0.25% make it into our investment universe.

Through our careful selection and direct cooperation with regulated and trusted trading platforms, as well as the use of API key interfaces for trade control, we keep counterparty risk extremely low. Crucial to the long-term success of risk management is an appropriate allocation of capital to the available strategies. Both the current market situation and future market expectations must be taken into account. This approach ensures diversification, which ultimately minimizes risk.

Our specially developed controlling software enables continuous monitoring of all the funds we manage, independent of time and situation. It allows trading in all market phases without major capital risk and can elevate discretionary trading strategies to a semi-automated level. This allows us to minimize potential human error, which is a significant risk in such strategies.

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